WM82T AC 100-240V 60HZ/50HZ Hardwired Standard Drapery Motor, for Curtain Track, Manual Openning/Automatic Openning Both Supported

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Light Touch Trigger


Pulling the drapery 2 inches can trigger the motor to operate automatically. Manual and Automatic opening are both supported, no need to worry about the power off.



Obstacle Detection


The motor will stop operation when encountering obstacles.




Remote Control


With 1 click of the remote, the draperies are automatically opened or closed. That's a great help for elderly people with mobility problems. Please purchase at least 1remote per order.




With Smart Link, users may open or close the draperies by smartphones, and voice commands from any location at any time.




Hands-Free Voice Control


With Smart Link, users may open and close the draperies by voice command of Alexa Echo, Google, Siri....What an Amazing function for users who can't spare their hands to pull the draperies or click the remote.




With Smart Link, the drapery can be automatically opened or closed at a certain time of the day, or along with the sunrise/sunset.



App Control


With Smart Link, users can also control the draperies via phone app even when they're out of the house. No need to worry forget closing the draperies and get the furniture exposure.


Power Supply Options


100-240V(wide voltage) AC hardwired drapery motors do not require battery replacement or recharging. Deyi Drapery Motor offers 2options for power supply: 1 option is cutting the plug and wiring with the pre-installed electricity wires, and another option comes with a plug(if there is an outlet near the window). Electrical wiring requires to be installed by a licensed electrician.




Constant Power Source for Long-Sized Draperies


It offers a constant source of power, the perfect choice for new constructions that pre-done the wiring before the drywall is installed. Also popular for windows that are difficult to reach, such as those in a two-story room like living rooms, bedrooms, and stairwells.


Quiet Operation


The noise is less than 38dB when running. No worries about being disturbed when sleeping.