Motorized Window Treatments, You Just Can't Miss It

Whether you're building, moving, or welcoming a new addition to the family, why settle for old-fashioned window coverings? Discover the innovation of motorized window treatments that can transform your space.

With cordless operation driven by motors, these blinds and shades are easily controlled through a remote control, smartphone app, or even voice commands. Their versatility is perfect for tall or hard-to-reach windows, offering both convenience and style. And if you have young ones or pets at home, rest assured—cordless motorized window treatments provide added safety.

Explore The Convenience of Motorized Window Treatments

Timing/Voice Commands/Scheduling/App Control...are the most distinctive convenience of smart motorized window treatements.

Experience a seamless blend of light and privacy automation. Tailor your schedule to match your family's routine, welcoming morning light or reducing glare during focused moments. Enhance energy efficiency in your home effortlessly.

Why not embrace the transition to motorized window treatments? Deyi presents premium yet cost-effective motors, catering to your diverse home automation needs. Unveil the advantages of convenience, safety, and efficiency at your fingertips.

Wireless Protocols Applied In Deyi Motors

Deyi Motors employs radio frequency (RF) communication technology, operating at 433.92 MHz. This bi-directional system enables seamless exchange of control and positional data between the motor and controller/bridge. Meanwhile to meet users' different needs regarding the home automation, Deyi Motors also adapt other wireless network protocols such as wifi, zigbee, zwave.

Meet Matter

As the new connectivity standard, Matter is the future of smart home. Conceived by a consortium of pioneering firms, Matter streamlines the user experience, elevating the smart home ecosystem. This innovation introduces multi-admin backing, fostering device sharing among supported platforms. By adhering to industry-wide standards and employing an IP-based protocol harmonizing with Wi-Fi, Thread, and ethernet, Matter ensures effortless device integration. Empower your smart domain through your preferred app, be it Apple HomeKit, SmartThings, Google Home or Alexa, consolidating control within a singular platform.

Deyi Offer the Smart Solutions for Below Main Smart Platform and Systems


Deyi is always focusing on the development of Smart Home and Motorized WIndow Treatments, dedicated to offering the most advanced, safe and cost-effective shading options to customers worldwide.

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