WM24C/V 24mm Diameter DC 12V Low Volatage Hardwired ZWave Smart Tubular Motor

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Kids and Pets Safe

The shades are rolled down/up by the strength of the tubular motors, which stops the danger of entangling.


Remote Control


With 1 click of the remote, the shades are automatically raised and lowered. That's a great help for elderly people with mobility problems.



Electronic Limits


Users can set top and bottom limits, and favorite positions, and make initial programming by the remote. Before setting your favorite position, please ensure the top and bottom limits are pre-set.






Deyi ZWave motors work with the ZWave hubs directly, such as Smartthings 2/3rd Gen, Hubitat, and Aeotech hubs... Using any above devices together, the users control their shades by smartphones, voice commands from any location at any time.


Hands-Free Voice Control


Use together with ZWave hubs, Deyi ZWave motors enable users to control the shades via the voice command of Alexa Echo/Google... Ask Google/Alexa to open and close the shades for you especially when you can't spare the hands to pull the shades or click the remote.






With Deyi ZWave motors, the shades can be automatically opened or closed at a certain time of the day, or along with the sunrise/sunset.


App Control


With Deyi ZWave motors, users can also control the shades via phone app even when they're out of the house. No need to worry forget closing the shades.



3 Types of Power Supply


Deyi offers 3 options for power supply: 1 option is cutting the connector and wiring with the preinstalled electricity wires; 1 option comes with a 12V adapter(if there is an outlet near the window); another option is that works together with the external battery pack. Electrical wiring requires to be installed by a licensed electrician, and a power panel is also necessary.


Quiet Operation


1-meter distance, the noise is 42-45dB when running. No worries about being disturbed when sleeping.